If you’re in shidduchim, you know it’s a challenge to meet compatible young men or women, the type of person you can envision sharing a future with. But we’re all in this together, which is why I started a WhatsApp group for some friends. We used the forum for sharing information about local shidduch events. We’d hear about an event for frum singles, post it, and those who were interested would attend.

But our group kept growing. Flooded with requests to join, I eventually realized that the info could be helpful to so many singles – especially those who don’t have a huge network. We just had to expand this initiative. Thankfully, I’m an IT guy, so it wasn’t very hard to pull off.

And that’s how Upcoming Shidduch Events was born. Welcome to the hub of information about shidduch events for Orthodox Jewish singles of all ages and backgrounds.

I hope you’ll join our WhatsApp group or follow us on Instagram and Facebook so you can stay informed of shidduch events for frum singles across the U.S. and Canada. Of course, we all benefit from sharing, so please let me know about shidduch events in your neighborhood, and I’ll be glad to post it for the rest of us!


And now, for the fine print: In consultation with my Rabbi, I do my best to post only shidduch events that are appropriate for Orthodox singles. However, I encourage you to research any event you plan to attend, to determine its appropriateness for you. I do not take responsibility, nor am I affiliated with any of the events posted. This is simply a source of information that we’re honored to share with you.

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